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About Me

I am a branch manager at a staffing company in South Carolina, where my wife and I live life together and raise our children. Learning is my passion - I hold a B.A. in History with some additional coursework in computer science and data analysis. I love trying to figure things out on my own to learn how they function - ask my wife about my amateur electrical work.

This Website

Screenshot hopefully not necessary. Built with Flask, SQLite, SQLAlchemy, uWSGI, Nginx, and Ubuntu. Hosted on Digital Ocean. Blog in development - building out custom CMS.

Staffing Data Dashboard

Capstone project for undergrad. Provides a snapshot view of branch performance, correlation analyses, and projects based upon a fictionalized version of a real dataset. Check it out!

Various Utilities

I've built several small toolkits for various tasks - check out the Utilities page for a list!

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Greenwood, SC


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