Dad Status

by Luke Willey

Posted on 04/04/2021

Originally posted on 4/15/20.

I became a dad this year.

My son was born just prior to the hodge podge of attempts at viral outbreak control throughout the Southeast. Thankfully.

In the time since, we have been cooped up in the house. The only outside contact my son has had has been his pediatrician. Less thankfully.

I joke about how excited I am for him to finally get to meet people other than his parents. Truthfully. I try to convince myself that I’m qualified to be responsible for my son in the midst of this. Less truthfully.

I’m not too worried about the virus at the moment - I still have a job, my family is in a position to be able to quarantine. Thankfully.

I won’t be able to attend my twin brother’s wedding in person, even though I’m supposed to be his best man. Less thankfully.

I am certain that things will be alright, because we are God’s. Truthfully.

Poor attempts at being artistic aside, it’s an exciting time in the Willey house despite the current circumstances. I have been able to get way more time with my newborn than most dads are able to, and that is a blessing I hope I never forget. In the time my wife and I have had, we’ve been able to (mostly) recover from the chaotic 48 hours of my son’s arrival. Still a long journey ahead, but a breather helps.

In May, I’ll be starting a B.S. of computer science program - I’ve got Calculus (the simple kind) mostly down, and can’t wait to get started. Hopefully this site will continue to add features as I learn - although time will be the large factor in play there.

We’ll see.